Does Foot Massage Help Plantar Fasciitis? What Doesn’t? Why?

Plantar fasciitis is a painful heel condition caused by walking or standing for long hours. This condition can turn chronic if not treated in a good time. There are various treatment options that you can choose from to do away with plantar fasciitis.

Medical treatment options are available, but the best way to eliminate this pain is through foot massage. So, if you have been wondering, does foot massage help plantar fasciitis? You will be surprised because foot massage works effectively to relax your feet and treat plantar fasciitis pain. Before taking medication, consider a foot massage. 

Does Foot Massage Help Plantar Fasciitis?

Taking over-the-counter pain medication can relieve the pain caused by plantar fasciitis, but if you want to eliminate the problem completely, consider a foot massage. Does foot massage help plantar fasciitis? It is why you should consider it because it treats pain effectively. You may feel a bit of pain and tingling when you start to massage your feet, but once you get used to it, you will feel a lot of comforts. 


Heel pain is usually quite intense and can cause other parts of the body to ache too. Symptoms of plantar fasciitis can be eliminated gradually through foot massage, which is extremely helpful. This massage improves blood circulation in the affected area hence removing tension.  A foot massage increases flexibility as it reduces swelling, giving you the much-needed relief. 

How Do You Foot Massage Plantar Fasciitis?

A foot massage is effective in doing away with plantar fasciitis because it eliminates constant pain providing relief. When performing a foot massage, do it after taking a shower or after a foot soak to ensure your foot tissues are warm. Also, you have to perform a foot massage frequently to eliminate the pain; remember consistency is the key to pain management.

Here is how to do a foot massage to eliminate plantar fasciitis pain: –

  • Get a foot massager that works best for you. When getting one, ensure that it comes with the right features to give you pain relief.
  • Place your feet in the foot massager and check on the settings. Choose if you want low, medium, or high setting, depending on how fast you want to eliminate pain.
  • Sit back as the foot massager works on your feet as it targets that annoying heel pain. Most of the foot massagers are designed with great support hence offering comfortability.
  • Ensure to incorporate frequent foot massage to eliminate the pain completely making you go bag to your usual activities.

Benefits of Foot Massage for Plantar Fasciitis

A foot massage doe not only eliminate the symptoms of plantar fasciitis but also revitalizes your feet. Often people ask, does foot massage help plantar fasciitis? It does, and apart from that, it offers immense benefits to your body.

Benefits of foot massage for plantar fasciitis

Let us look at some benefits a foot massage will offer for plantar fasciitis;

Eliminates heel pain:

Heel pain can be traumatizing and can cause pain to other body parts. A foot massage works excellently to do away with heel pain giving your feet that needed relief. Anytime you are experiencing heel pain, just perform a foot massage, and you will be okay.

Healthier sleep:

Heel pain is usually excruciating. It can make you lose your sleep. The pain is so bad at night that you can barely sleep. Using a foot massage relieves that pain making your body relaxed.  

Improves blood circulation:

When your heel is in pain, the muscles in the feet have tension, preventing blood circulation. When you wear tight shoes, your blood does not circulate well.  For blood to flow well, do a foot massage to relieve tension. This will make your body function properly because it distributes blood to every area in the body. 

Minimizes the effects of depression:

A foot massage goes beyond merely eliminating heel pain. This massage gets you into a state of relaxation, getting you out of your depression and anxiety mode. When you are in pain, you might get depressed, not knowing what to do. Frequent foot massaging will significantly reduce the effects associated with depression.


Your body cannot be relaxed if it’s in pain. A deep foot massage that targets the source of pain works effectively to eliminate heel pain. This induces relaxation that your body so much longs for. Foot massage stimulates the muscles around your heel, promoting relaxation. 

Stress reliever:

A foot massage is an excellent massage therapy that eliminates pain hence relieving stress. When your body is in pain, you get stressed out. Stress makes you not go about your days as well as you should. Once you conduct a foot massage, your body will get into recovery mode, and that’s how you eliminate stress.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions about how foot massage works for plantar fasciitis, you might find them informative:

Is it bad to massage plantar fasciitis?

It is not bad to massage plantar fasciitis. On the contrary, massage works best for plantar fasciitis eliminating all the pain.

How long should I roll my foot for plantar fasciitis?

You can roll your foot a few times to get relief from plantar fasciitis. It always works fast, doing away with the pain.

Is it good to massage your feet every day?

Absolutely! You can massage your feet daily, for it works best to keep your feet relaxed and free from pain.

Final Thought

We can all agree that when your feet are in pain, your entire body feels this pain. That is why you cannot function properly because your body is focused on pain. Plantar fasciitis is pain directed to your heels, causing immense discomfort. The good news is you can eliminate plantar fasciitis by conducting a foot massage.

Does foot massage help plantar fasciitis? It is evident that foot massage aids in eliminating heel pain that causes a lot of discomforts. This massage works on your feet, doing away with any trouble caused by tense muscles. Invest in foot massage therapy if you want to receive total relief from plantar fasciitis.

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