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Hi, this is Karen Lee. The owner of the “My Fitness Guides” website that will inform you about all the latest diabetic massager, percussion massager, massager for plantar fasciitis, massager for peripheral neuropathy, and other massaging tools and machinery, uses, and maintenance information. I love to inform you that I’m a professional therapist and that is why I know what kind of massage you will require for your body and I want to help each & everyone who is seeking help but it is not possible for me to provide therapy to everyone. 

That’s why I chose this platform to reach all of you and I started research on massager tools that are available in the market. On this website, I’ll provide you every single information that you should know about massager tools like a diabetic massager, percussion massager, a massager for plantar fasciitis, a massager for peripheral neuropathy, and etc. From here, you’ll learn about all the latest massager of top brands, and its accessories available in the market, its advantages and disadvantages, each and every single information. Here, you will also find an honest review of the user of these products.

All the information you find on this website is based on my work experiences and research results in this sector.

Here, you will find a complete guideline to keep your massaging tools & machinery safe and long-lasting. I will tell you,  how to pick the right product and show you a way to maintain your massaging tools. To get all this information, you have to stay connected with me through this website.

I really appreciate the time you spend here, Thank you so much!

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Karen Lee.