Is Foot Massage Safe for Diabetics? (Physician Suggestion 2020)

When suffering from diabetics, it is incredibly crucial that you keep your feet healthy. This is to ensure that your feet don’t get attacked by diseases that can cause adverse effects. Diabetes is a condition that entails that your feet well cared for to prevent any cuts or injuries.

Medication and a proper diet are always recommended for people with diabetes. However, massage should also be considered because it provides a remarkable solution. Is foot massage safe for diabetics? It is extremely safe and does not cause any harm to your body. By massaging your feet daily, you ensure that you deliver the needed relief.

Is Foot Massage Safe for Diabetics?

Foot massage works excellently to relax the muscles and to eliminate soreness. Due to the rising number of diabetes complications, one may wonder is foot massage safe for diabetics?  It is, and what’s more, it eliminates the stress that comes with living with the disease. Massage machines with foot-and-calf massagers work effectively by targeting the areas that are causing pain in your foot. 


This machine performs advanced massage techniques that aid in stimulating blood flow. This helps restore your feet’ natural health, making you resume your daily activities without any challenges. You will experience better flexibility because the muscles will be relaxed through massage. You will end up having an improved quality of life thanks to a foot massage.

Foot Massage Techniques:

A foot massage is always safe for diabetes, and the best part is, it is not a complicated task. What you should do is ensure that you perform a foot massage daily, even if for a few minutes, and you will be guaranteed of good results. Here are foot massage techniques you can indulge in to speed up recovery.

Before checking out the techniques, you must clean your feet well before starting your massage. Also, dry your feet properly as you take note of drying in between your toes.

Ankle Rotation – This massage technique involves moving your ankle from one side to the other. The ankle joint should feel relaxed at this point. Hold the heel of your foot and with the other hand, get hold of the ball of your foot. Once you do that, rotate the foot anticlockwise four times and do the same clockwise. This will ensure that your ankle joint relax hence calming your nerves. 

Pivoting – This entails massaging the sole of your foot using your thumb. When doing this, ensure that you hold your foot with one hand as you massage with the other hand. Start from the large toes, then move towards the other toes as you cover the sole of your foot. Do this by applying gentle pressure as you roll the thumb up and down.

Stroking – This is a simple technique carried out to relax your feet. Get some oil and massage your feet gently as you hold your foot. This way, the blood vessels in your feet will be stimulating, offering that needed relaxation and comfort. If there was any pain in your feet, it will disappear as you continue applying a bit of pressure when massaging your foot.

Important to Note:

  • Foot massage indeed helps with diabetics. Nonetheless, you have to consult a physician before starting any massage on your foot. This is to monitor the blood sugar levels for any change from medication treatment that can trigger some changes.
  • If you are receiving an insulin injection, do not massage that area. It is not advised that you apply pressure to such an area because that may bring complexities in the way your body receives the injection. 
  • Examine your feet regularly for any cuts or bruises. This is to prevent any more complications that may arise.
  • Take proper care of your feet by ensuring they are clean always. Drying your feet well should also be noted.

Benefits of Foot Massage for Diabetics

Living with diabetes necessitates that you take proper care of your feet to prevent any more complications associated with this disease. With regular foot massage, you ensure that your feet are no longer in pain and that they remain relaxed at all times.

Benefits of foot massage for diabetics

Here are benefits linked to using a foot massage for diabetics:

Improves nerve sensitivity:

When suffering from diabetes, you may end up experiencing nerve sensitivity complications that can lead to neuropathy. When this happens, you will not have any sensation of various body parts, especially your legs and arms. When you perform massage on your feet, you eliminate the nerve problem restoring body functionality.

Healing of wounds:

Wounds or injuries associated with diabetes take long to heal. This may cause a lot of frustration because the healing you look forward to does not happen. This can be worked on through massage, for it works excellently to heal wounds. Massage ensures a quick generation of cells that improve immunity leading to rapid healing of wounds. 

Increase in blood circulation:

 A good foot massage for diabetics improves the flow of blood to your entire body. Improved blood circulation guarantees speedy recovery from any pain, and that is what a massage precisely delivers. 

Works on swollen feet:

Swollen feet are one of the complications associated with diabetes.  Having a massage on your feet eliminates the swelling restoring your feet to their original shape. The excess fluid building up in your feet is removed, enabling your feet to function better.

Pain Reliever:

When your feet are in pain, your entire body cannot function appropriately. That is why regular massage is essential for it eliminates feet ache that can make you immobile. Massaging your feet relieves not only the pain but also ensures continuous relaxation.

Promotes better sleep:

Massaging your feet will guarantee improved sleep because it calms the nerves. If your feet are in pain, you cannot sleep. This is also the same if your feet are sore; that is why you must incorporate foot massage in your everyday schedule. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Got diabetics and want to know how foot massage can help? Here are the most frequent questions about it which might help you know more:

Can you overuse a foot massager?

It is not advised to overuse a foot massager for that limits its life, meaning it won’t serve you for long. You can choose a massager machine that comes with a timer that prevents you from overusing.

How often should you massage your feet? 

It would be best if you massage your feet regularly, mostly three to four times a day. This ensures that your feet remain relaxed and free from pain.

Can a foot massage cause miscarriage?

Not at all. This massage will not cause any miscarriage; instead, it is highly recommended and quite safe.

Final Thought

People who have diabetes frequently ask, is foot massager safe for diabetics? Extensive research has shown that massage does not cause any adverse effects to people having diabetes. On the contrary, it is a reliable technique you can use to eliminates the complications attached to this disease hence keeping you healthy.

By having a regular massage, you ensure that your feet are well taken care of. Besides, if your feet are healthy, your entire body will function much better. Improve your lifestyle by enjoying a foot massage, and your life will never be the same again. Try it today, and you will not regret it. 

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