Best Foot Massager For Peripheral Neuropathy Reviews 2020- Expert’s Guide

If you suffer from peripheral neuropathy, the pain can be excruciating because of the damages to the nerves. This disease usually causes immense pain to the feet and legs and if not treated, it may move to the arms and hands. Peripheral neuropathy affects the feet before any other body parts, so the foot massager is the best bet against it.

With the best foot massager for peripheral neuropathy, you can get relief from all that pain  and discomfort with sleepless nights. Foot massagers are efficient anden enhancing blood flow, to eliminate chronic pain. Stick to the article, i’ll help you get the best foot massager that can treat your peripheral neuropathy and help you sleep better

How Foot Massager Works?

Foot massagers work through soothing your joints gently and kneading your muscles.  It increases the blood flow, eliminate pain, and help you get rid of the tension in your foot. A foot massagers works through massaging pressure points on your feet as well.


The massagers mimic a professional masseuse to ensure the maximum relaxation and ease in peripheral neuropathy.The massager will relax your entire body even though it is working on the feet only. If you want to enjoy a soothing massage, consider a foot massager today. It delivers practical solutions and offers the intensity you desire for your feet.

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Miko Foot Massager Shiatsu Machine With Multi-Pressure Settings

Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat – Multi Setting Electric Feet Massager

EMS Foot Circulation Device- Foot & Leg Massager Stimulator-Reducing Legs, Feet Aches, and Pains with Increased Circulation

Snailax Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine with Heat

Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine -Increases Blood Flow Circulation

5 Best Foot Massager for Peripheral Neuropathy Reviews 2020

The right foot massager restores the strength in your feet and enhance flexibility and mobility. Here are the 5 best foot massager for peripheral neuropathy that can help you with peripheral neuropathy:

1. Miko Foot Massager Shiatsu Machine With Multi-Pressure Settings

Miko Foot Massager Shiatsu Machine With Multi-Pressure Settings

The miko shiatsu foot massager features three massage modes and five adjustable multi pressure settings to change the massage intensity levels. This machine has a deep-kneading function to relieve tension and eliminate chronic pain. There are four air pressure pads and intense heat making it the best foot massager for neuropathy.

It allows you to control the settings to enhance the comfort while you soothe the neuropathic pain. It incorporates the renowned shiatsu rolling massage that guarantees relaxation and improvement of blood circulation. The vibration technique of this machine targets the toe, feet, calves, legs, and heel making it an ideal foot vibrator for neuropathy.

You will find a wireless magnetic remote once you get this machine to control the settings from a distance. The rotating support bar guarantees the utmost comfortable position while sitting on the machine. This foot massager has an excellent design with quality leather accents making it aesthetically appealing. You can also wash the nylon footpads because they’re removable to ensure high levels of cleanliness.

Miko Foot Massager Features:

  • The miko foot massager has three massage modes and five adjustable multi pressure intensity levels.
  • Its deep-kneading function of this messager works on pressure points to alleviate the pain.
  • This machine works to relax your entire foot with the four air pressure pads and strong heat.
  • It comes with a rotating support bar that helps you stay ergonomically fit and well for longer.
  • This machine features removable and washable nylon pads that you can clean easily with minimal effort.

2. Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat – Multi Setting Electric Feet Massager

Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat – Multi Setting Electric Feet Massager

Belmint foot massager is an exceptionally designed machine with deep-kneading capabilities to aid the tired muscles. You will also find a center console with five setting buttons sitting between your feet for a comfortable operation. Additionally, the built-in infrared switchable heat feature delivers the desired warmth that eases the tension and relaxes tight muscles.

It features dual footbeds that ensure you massage both feet at the same time which makes it the best electric foot massager. You will also find innovative rotational massage heads that work on each foot to relieve tired muscles. This foot massager has  removable mesh inserts that help your foot breathe, they’re also removable and washable for cleansing.

The overheat protection feature makes it the best shiatsu foot massager with safety as a built-in feature. It works by going off automatically after 15 minutes of usage ensuring your and its safety. A wireless remote controller is also included to help you change the settings and modes without bending down.

Belmint Shiatsu Features:

  • The rotational massage heads featured in this foot massager ensures that each foot is worked on offering relief to tired muscles.
  • It has infrared switchable heat feature, your feet can receive the desired warmth as such easing tension.
  • This foot massager comes with a removable mesh insert that gives your feet room to breathe; you can also remove the mesh for cleaning.
  • The shiatsu foot massager comes with deep footbeds that guarantee comfort anytime you are sitting on it.
  • It has a wireless remote controller that you can use to change settings without bending down.

3. EMS Foot Circulation Device- Foot & Leg Massager Stimulator-Reducing Legs, Feet Aches, and Pains with Increased Circulation

EMS Foot Circulation Device- Foot & Leg Massager Stimulator-Reducing Legs, Feet Aches, and Pains with Increased Circulation

The ems foot circulation device uses electric stimulation usually applied via two large foot pads to stimulate the feet’ soles. Its natural massaging methods will surely comfort the muscles and aid the sore feet. Its foot and leg massager option also has infrared technology for warming up the muscles. This technology works by penetrating the feet and legs, profoundly improving the circulation.

You will find medical-grade tens pads in it for the less accessible areas like the lower back, shoulders, thighs, hips, and upper legs. The adjustable intensity, these pads are pre-gelled and ready to use. This electrical stimulation treatment is clinically proven for stimulating body muscles and boosting circulation to relieve aches and pain.

This neuropathy massage machine offers 25 different stimulating patterns for nerve stimulation. It also comes with up to 99 electrical muscle stimulation intensity levels that you can tweak to attain your desired level. A remote controller is also available to change the massager modes without bending down to the machine.

EMS Foot Circulation Features:

  • The ems foot massager features infrared technology to sooth the tens muscles and deeply penetrate the feet and leg for better circulation.
  • This massager has medical-grade tens pads that are excellent in accessing the3 hard to reach areas.
  • It’s a foot & leg massager stimulator with electrical stimulation treatment to stimulate body muscles and relieve pain.
  • It comes with 25 different stimulating patterns and 99 electrical muscle stimulation intensity levels to provide relief after continued daily use.
  • This machine also has a remote controller to enable you to change the massager modes as you desire.

4. Snailax Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine with Heat

Snailax Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine with Heat

The Snailax foot massager has impressive abilities to relax the entire foot with air compression. It is the best foot massage machine for neuropathy that comes with heat therapy features for eliminating foot pain. With this electric foot massager, you get relief from chronic pain, neuropathy, and plantar fasciitis. You will enjoy comprehensive foot care once you choose this foot massager.

The shiatsu rotation balls offer relief from foot pain with three auto massage modes. Its shiatsu roller massage nodes work efficiently by hitting the right spots hence relaxing your feet. You can use the three intensity settings to make adjustments to suit your needs by using the control buttons.

To relax your feet, use the shiatsu feet massager with optional heating providing the perfect foot warmth. The heat enhances better sleep as it soothes muscles to eliminate foot aches and to do away with fatigue. It is the best cheap foot massager with removable, washable sleeves; you can wash them with water and cleaning agents.

Snailax Shiatsu Foot Features:

  • This foot massage machine has three auto massage modes that combine rolling shiatsu and air pressure.
  • It’s a machine equipped with shiatsu roller massage nodes that work efficiently by hitting each spot to relax feet.
  • It has three intensity settings which you can adjust swiftly to match your needs while ensuring comprehensive care for the entire foot.
  • This shiatsu feet massager comes with optional heating features meant to provide the perfect warmth for your feet to alleviate muscle pain.
  • Its removable, washable sleeves are washable and cleanable ensuring a healthy environment.

5. Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine -Increases Blood Flow Circulation

Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine -Increases Blood Flow Circulation

The cloud massage shiatsu foot massager machine uses deep-kneading shiatsu massage to increase blood circulation. It is a good foot massager for diabetic neuropathy that also works well to offer relief from diabetes and plantar fasciitis. The heat therapy works on deep tissues eliminating pain as it covers each area of the feet.

You will love the adjustable comfort offered by this foot massager machine, meaning you can alter the angle for comfort. It also provides a massage covering a large area of your entire including toes, ankles, legs, and calves. This shiatsu foot massager offers dual massage through its various settings providing pain relief to your toes, feet, ankles, calves, and legs.

The adjustable bar feature of this machine helps you change the position and angle for maximum comfort. This machine is extremely lightweight and portable; you can take it with you from one place to another. The foot area is 5″ wide as well as open-toed 11″ long to fit any foot size and comes with air pressure cuffs.

Cloud Massage Shiatsu Features:

  • This cloud foot massager incorporates deep kneading shiatsu massage that works on pressure points, relieving tension.
  • It features an adjustable bar that you can use to make adjustments for maximum comfort levels.
  • A foot massager offers dual massage using the multiple settings that eliminate pain from your legs, toes, feet, ankles, and calves.
  • It has a heat function that works gently on your feet, providing warmth and a soothing effect.
  • It’s a lightweight and portable foot massager; you can carry it with you anywhere easily.

Do Foot Massagers Really Work?

Considering the simple and low profile designs, many people wonder if foot massagers work or not. Surprisingly, they do! They offer relief from muscle tension, eliminate pain, and help you deal with peripheral neuropathy. They use different methods and modes to calm sore feet through soothing heat and vibration.

These devices recover your muscles and improve the energy for daily activities.Foot massagers also regulate blood flow and circulation by applying pressure on muscles and veins. A foot massager can stimulate your nerves to improve the functioning of your nervous system. It also magically eliminates stress and calm your entire body system.

Why Should You Buy A Foot Massager For Peripheral Neuropathy?

It is quite challenging to live a healthy life with the excruciating pain if you have peripheral neuropathy. A foot massager can offer a relief and help you keep up with a healthy normal life. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider buying a foot massager for peripheral neuropathy:

Eliminate pain:

You need to get a foot massager because it will get rid of all the pain in your feet. This machine uses its vibration technique to guarantee feet relaxation by working on the tense muscles. Any other pain you may be feeling in your body will also be eliminated through stimulating the nerve system. You have to use a foot massager regularly to get an effective result from the machine.

Strengthen muscles:

If you have weak muscles along with neuropathy, it’ll be almost impossible to keep up with daily life. A good way to solve muscle weakness is by using a foot massager to gain muscle strength. A foot massager offers different feet massages that eliminate the numbness and strengthen your feet. When you use a foot massager, you will notice that your muscles are gaining strength from a regular use.

Blood circulation:

When your feet are in pain, it means your blood isn’t circulating effectively. You need to use a foot massager to ensure proper blood circulation throughout the entire body. This machine also increases the lymphatic circulation to extract the toxic elements in your body. You will acquire the desired strength to move around comfortably and stay safe from neuropathic disorders.

Better sleep:

It’s practically impossible to sleep while you’re in an excruciating pain. You will keep on tossing and turning as the pain takes the toll on your body. Use a foot massager  and it will help you stay comfortable with better circulation and pain and sleep better. You should not endure sleepless nights full of pain when a foot massager can help you greatly. This foot massager will also calm your body as it massages away the pain promoting better sleep.

Improves balance:

When your feet are in pain, you are unable to stand properly; leave alone walking! Your muscles will not have the strength to hold your feet, and your nervous system will be dysfunctional. By using a foot massager, you can calm the nerves and improve your feet condition. You will note that if you are suffering from peripheral neuropathy, your muscles will be generally weak. A foot massage is the most effective way to get your feet back on its perfect condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most asked questions about foot massagers for peripheral neuropathic issues that are people asking about:

Do Foot Massagers Improve Circulation?

Yes, foot massagers do improve blood circulation by stimulating the muscles. It also improves the lymphatic circulation to boost the immune system and drain toxicities.

How Many Times A Day Can You Use A Foot Massager?

This is not definite, it depends on your pain level and endurance while using. You can use a foot massager up to three times a day while having 30 minutes intervals.

Are Foot Massagers Good For Your Feet?

Foot massages are good for your feet because they are effective in eliminating pain. It can help you with peripheral neuropathic disorder and other issues like numbness.

Is It Good To Massage Your Feet Before Bed?

Yes, it is. It is highly recommended that you massage your feet before bed to relax the muscles.  It can help you get better sleep and keep the circulation better.

Is It Good To Massage Your Feet Every Day?

You can massage your feet every day to eliminate pain, strengthen muscles, and improve blood circulation. Especially, if you have peripheral neuropathy, you can use it as a therapy.

Final Thought

A foot massager is an effective machine that works to treat several medical conditions including peripheral neuropathy. The foot massager will provide immense relief from the pain associated with this disease. I hope you’ve found the best foot massager for peripheral neuropathy from the list above to treat yourself to a new state of health.

However, if you need an expert suggestion to get the best massager overall, I can suggest you get miko foot massager shiatsu machine. It uses various settings to treat issues from peripheral neuropathy. With this machine, you can enjoy both shiatsu and deep massage along with the air pressure massages. You can also adjust the settings and use it conveniently using the included remote controller.

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