Best Massage Chair For Lower Back Pain In 2020 – 5 Updated Picks!

Over 16 million people among 80% of adult Americans who have back pain develop persistent, chronic, and acute back pain. There are some short-time remedies and OTC medicines are available, but they usually have negative impacts in the long run. Using a massage chair is by far the most viable way to passively treat back pain without any side effects.

However, getting the best massage chair for lower back pain isn’t easy as there are too many self-proclaimed manufacturers out there. Our expert team has researched the most popular massage chairs in the market and got a suggestion for you. Stick to the article to get to know the most effective massage chairs for lower back pain that money can buy.

Is Massage Chair Good For Lower Back Pain?

A massage chair is an excellent choice to relieve lower back pain for many reasons. Most of the high-performance massage chairs get you immediate relief from stiffness and alleviate mental pressure and stress. Alongside that, massage chairs also boost up the immune system and help your body to fight against diseases instantly. Plus, it can relax you and get you back on your feet with more confidence by elevating acute back pain.


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Relaxonchair Shiatsu Massage Chair

Kahuna LM6800 Zero Gravity Full-Body Massage Chair

Titan Chair Apex AP- Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Full Body Electric Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair

5 Best Massage Chair For Lower Back Pain Reviews 2020

Getting your first massage chair can be a daunting job if you don’t know what’s needed and what’s unnecessary. Here are the 5 best massage chair for lower back pain that have optimal results you need for the situation you’re in:

1. Relaxonchair Shiatsu Massage Chair

Relaxonchair Shiatsu Massage Chair

The Relaxonchair Shiatsu Massage Chair comes with a handful of functionalities to provide you the most facilitation during the massage. It’s one of the best massage chair for lower back pain which uses sensors to automatically detect your acupuncture points. After that, it treats your back resembling a natural hand massage. The innovative 2nd generation L-Track massage system accommodates people from 5′ 2″ to 6′ 5″ and takes up to 300lbs weight.

Its built-in zero gravity system offers 3 different levels of weightless feeling while massaging to alleviate discomfort and back pain. The most useful feature of this unit is the 7 auto massage functions from which you can choose your desired massaging techniques. This Shiatsu Massage Chair gives you the highest level of relaxation, rejuvenation, and stretching of your muscles and the whole back.

You’ll get an air massage system with heat therapy in this chair that works from arms to feet. It promotes blood circulation in your body and recovers your muscle and joint pain simultaneously. Its built-in foot roller massage system rolls back and forth to soothe your sole and heel. The innovative backlit remote controller helps you massage and control the chair even if you’re relaxing in the dark.

Relaxonchair Shiatsu Massage Chair Features:

  • It’s integrated sensors can detect all your acupuncture points and give you a massage like a human hand.
  • The ultimate zero-gravity system in it helps you to recline with different modes and alleviate your back pain.
  • This Relaxonchair Shiatsu chair has 7 auto massages programs that give you better relaxation, rejuvenation through your desired massaging techniques.
  • A handful of airbags are available in this massage system that stretch your arms, shoulder, calves, and feet.
  • Its one-handed backlit remote controller helps you perform and control all the operations with just a single press.

2. Kahuna LM6800 Zero Gravity Full-Body Massage Chair

Kahuna LM6800 Zero Gravity Full-Body Massage Chair

The Kahuna LM6800 delivers a remarkably efficient performance, making it one of the best full body massage chairs. Its ergonomic structural design offers you possibly the best massaging experience taking less space for reclining. Plus, this massage chair gives you a healthy lifestyle; thanks to the other functionality integrations.

You’ll get an L-Track massage system that offers a full-body massage from the neck to lower back and gives you better stimulation. You’ll get a smart body scan technology in it; it detects your body size automatically and gets the system ready for a comfortable massage.

Its built-in space-saving technology takes only 3-inches space in 3 stages to turn into zero gravity positions. The innovative air cell massage system will cover your most essential body parts and inflate separately. So, you’ll get a great twist and deep stretch on your body parts, individually.

Kahuna LM6800 Zero Gravity Full-Body Massage Chair Features:

  • The L-Track massage system in this chair provides a full body messaging, including your shoulders, arms, waist, and hip for better relaxation.
  • Its integrated computerized body scanner technology detects your body size automatically and gets the chair ready accordingly.
  • The space-saving technology of the massaging chair takes a narrow space for zero gravity position in 3 stages.
  • This massage chair integrates a unique air-cell massage system that inflates separately to twist your body for deep stretch.
  • You’ll get a dual foot roller that can help you to massage the top of your legs as well as the bottom of them.

3. Titan Chair Apex AP- Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Titan Chair Apex AP- Zero Gravity Massage Chair

The Apex-Ap massage chair offers the highest comfortable massage to your entire body. Its  FDA-registered certification ensures its standard and declares it as one of the best zero gravity massage chairs. It comes with a diamond stitch pattern at the backrest that helps it prevent cracking of the upholstery, ensuring a longer lifespan.

It’s L-Track rolling massaging system starts performing from the neck area and travels down the lower body part. The full body curl design massages the glutes and hamstrings. Besides, its light and soothing heat therapy helps lose the muscle and relieve you from tension instantly in your lower back. It’s integrated Zero Gravity design reclines the chair to distribute your weight to get you more strength and accuracy during the massage.

Another great feature is the foot roller system in the bottom section with airbags to pressurize the top of the foot. It’s space-saving features help you install the chair with a 2-inches gap from the wall at an upright position. Also, an advanced remote controller helps you operate the unit conveniently with 4 auto massage programs to relieve tension.

Titan Chair Apex AP- Zero Gravity Massage Chair Features:

  • The Apex-Ap massage chair has L-track massaging mode that offers a full-body massage for a complete relaxation and rejuvenation.
  • A gentle heat therapy is available throughout the lower back of this cahir, it gets you a soothing relief from pain and discomfort.
  • The adaptive zero gravity technology elevates your legs to your heart height level to promote healthy blood circulation.
  • Its built-in foot roller with useful airbags delivers a significant performance at the top of the foot.
  • The space-saving features help you install the chair within a tight space of only 2-inch from the wall.

4. Full Body Electric Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

RENPHOFull Body Electric Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

The Electric Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair offers you a full body massaging from shoulder through calves to foot. It’s one of the best electric massage chairs with a couple of advanced technological integrations. The technologies offer you a better massaging experience to your whole body.

With the zero-gravity feature, it reduces the burden and delivers you an effective massage, making it the best massage chairs for home use. Its built-in waist massager technology provides you with a useful warm massage at your lower back to improve your blood circulation. The footrest extends up to 4.3 inches to accommodate different height persons without struggling.

Its foot roller massage system along with adjustable speed modes helps you relieve your sore foot. The customizable massage modes with advanced remote control offer you to choose your required massages from 6 auto presets. Plus, a built-in Bluetooth speaker connects to your smart devices and helps you enjoy music during the massage.

Full Body Electric Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Features:

  • It’s adaptive back heat therapy offers you a perfect warm massage at your waist and promotes blood circulation.
  • The footrest with extendable design allows different height people to accommodate freely without getting stuck.
  • This massage chair with customizable foot roller scrap massage speed relieves you from sore feet.
  • Its built-in 6 auto preset modes help you choose the best one that suits your body and strength.
  • This massage chair comes with a bluetooth player to connect your smartphone and play music while massaging.

5. Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair

Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair

The Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair offers excellent value and significant massage experience. It’s one of the best shiatsu massage chairs  that fits in your living room, balcony, and even at the office. You’re getting a massive space-saving massage chair that needs only a 10 inches gap from the wall.

It comes with a zero gravity technology that reduces the strain on your vertebrae and relieves discomfort or back pain. Besides, there are 14 different massage points that work together for a complete relaxation from your head to legs. The adaptive air massage heat therapy system with 32 airbags provides massage to your arms and feet for increasing blood circulation.

There are 3 auto massage programs presets for different massage methods for the highest level of massaging experience. It strengthens your body through built-in full body stretching programs. The massage chair is convenient to use and it takes a person weighing up to 350lbs and a length of 6’1″.

Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Features:

  • This massage chair is great at saving your space because it only needs a 10 inches gap from the wall.
  • The Zero-gravity function helps you to minimize strains and gives you relief from unbearable back pain.
  • It integrates over 32 airbags located in different places that give you multiple levels of massage intensity.
  • There are 2 heating pads in the back to promote your blood circulation and recover your muscle and joint pain faster.
  • This Electric massage chair has 3 auto massaging preset techniques that offer you a comprehensive massage experience for your entire body.

Benefits Of Massage Chair For Lower Back Pain

Most of the massage chairs can knead and stretch tight muscles and help to relax instantly. It also relieves stress and realigns the spinal cord with consistent messaging. Hence, the massage chair works as a complementary treatment, and it rescues users from lower back pain.

Buying the best massage chair, especially for back pain can be confusing even though you have a complete list in your hands now. Here are some criteria you can look for while selecting a massage chair for a pain in lower or upper back:


There are various types of massagers with different performance and efficiency levels. High-end massage chairs with a wide range of features helps you get proper relaxation and soothe your lower back pain. All of these high-quality massage chairs come with the best functionality, such as kneading, shiatsu, vibration, reflexology, rolling, pre-programmed functions, computer scanning, zero gravity design, etc. So, if you’re buying the best quality massage chair, you must check the functionalities it offers.

Airbags and Air Massage Modes:

All the premium-quality massage chairs come with different airbags throughout the entire body. These integrated airbags offer instant relief from stiffness and tension by delivering pressurized air in the backside, legs, or the side of the massage chair. Plus, the powerful airbags stimulate blood flow and offer you a perfectly healthy life. You must check the practical efficiency of these airbags before buying a massage chair.

Reclining process:

Most top-notch massage chairs add on different types of recline options; some of them use Zero Gravity. The concept behind zero gravity offers you a weightless feeling and drops your heart rate, boosting healthy blood circulation. Also, some highly effective massage chairs offer single-touch reclining options with ultimate control to get the best experience. So, if you want to buy a premium massage chair, you should check the available reclining process in the unit.

Massage Options and Computer Scanning:

All the advanced massage chairs are designed with pre-programmed massage options with a scan to detect the user’s body shape precisely. This body-mapping technology can test and help massagers to take action in perfect areas instantly. It’s a must-have feature in the best quality massage chair. You should check all the pre-programmed massage options and computer scanning before considering a massage chair.

Remote Control & Bluetooth Compatibility:

Most of the massage chairs come with remote controllers to manage and control the massager in any situation. You can choose every function with it including massage modes and shift to another option with a single press. Some massage chairs integrate Bluetooth systems, which allows the user to connect a smart device and enjoy music. So, if you want to enjoy the moment of massage, you should check the remote control and Bluetooth compatibility.

Why Should You Buy A Massage Chair For Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is not a pleasant experience and taking medications for an acute problem like it isn’t a good option. Massaging is the best option to keep the pain away and here are the reasons why a massage chair will do the best for you:

  • It’s easy to install and convenient operation through intelligent remote controllers which serve with press on the button.
  • Smart computer sensors of highly effective massage chairs track the user’s spine automatically.
  • The massager with the ultimate zero-gravity system lets you recline at any angle to promote healthy blood circulation.
  • There is an L-track massaging mode that helps you get rejuvenated from head to buttock without skipping a part.
  • Massagers with space-saving features help save your room storage and require less gap from the wall for reclining.
  • High-quality massagers for lower back pain design remote controllers to control all the operation with just a single press.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Before considering choosing a perfect massage chair, there are a massive number of questions that can come across in your mind. For this reason, we’ve added some common issues with replies that might help you to make the best decision about buying the unit.

Can you use a massage chair too much?

You can use the massage chair several times a day if you need that. However, it’s better to get the massagers for 15-20 minutes in a single session to avoid any damage to your bones.

Are massage chairs safe in early pregnancy?

It’s not ideal to use the massage chair in the first trimester of the pregnancy because the body starts changing during this period. It may convey a higher risk of miscarriage from high vibration.

How long should you use a massage chair?

Using a massage chair can be overwhelming and relaxing, but you shouldn’t overuse it to avoid damages. You can use the chair for 15 to 20 minutes in a row to stay safe and avoid damages.

Do massage chairs help circulation?

Yes, advanced functions in a massage chair like heat, vibration, and air massage improve blood circulation. They help you absorb more oxygen, get more lymphatic circulation and stimulation.

Can a massage chair cause injury?

Using the massage chair for too long might cause injury including bone damages, numbness, or nausea. Sitting in a massage chair for long can also damage muscle because of intense pressure.

Final Thought

A good massage chair doesn’t only help with lower back pain, it also helps you get rid of anxiety and depression. It also improves your overall health and makes you more active at work and gets you more energy. I hope you’ve found the best massage chair for lower back pain with the right functionalities. However, if you’re still in a confusion between these 5 mentioned chairs, you can take an expert suggestion for the best overall.

I can suggest you get the Relaxonchair Shiatsu Massage Chair to get the most out of your massage chair. It comes with a handful of functionalities like intelligent computer scanning for auto-detection and air massages. It also has a back-lit remote controller to operate it wirelessly in the dark without any interruptions.

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